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Madeline Porter

Let me introduce you to Madeline Porter, a culinary instructor with a passion for creating delicious dishes. Madeline’s culinary expertise comes from a variety of sources, including her formal training at Palate Sensation Culinary School in Singapore and her experience working with local chefs in her hometown. But her love for cooking was first ignited in her childhood when she spent time in the kitchen with her mom.

Madeline has a straightforward approach to cooking, using the best quality ingredients to create bold and flavorful dishes. She loves experimenting with new ingredients and creating new recipes that will surprise and delight her guests. For Madeline, cooking is not just about the food, but also about the experience of sharing it with others. She finds joy in giving back to her community and sharing her love of food with friends and family.

Madeline’s passion for cooking and her dedication are truly inspiring. She is not only an excellent chef but also a warm and personable individual who makes everyone feel welcome in the kitchen.


Q & A:

Q: What are your favorite tools in the kitchen?

A: When it comes to tools in the kitchen, I have a couple of favorites – my wok and Le Creuset Dutch oven. 


Q: Where is your favorite restaurant? (it does not have to be local, it can be international)

A: I love Din Tai Fung Dim Sum Restaurant in Las Vegas. Jumbo Seafood, Singapore for their award-winning chili crab, and Tung Lok, Singapore for Peking duck. 


Q: Where do you currently work (please answer if you work full time in the food industry)? Or how do you express your culinary skills if you don’t work full-time in the food industry?

A: Although I am not currently working full-time in the food industry, I teach cooking classes at Plums Cooking Company and enjoy doing private events. 

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