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Lizzie Stewart


Lizzie Stewart attended Western Culinary Institute in Portland Oregon in 2007. Before attending culinary school, Lizzie grew up in Wisconsin. Growing up, her family always enjoyed really good elevated food, but also simple comfort foods. Her mothers love for cooking inspired her to continue her passion in the kitchen. Another culinary influence was Julia Child, of course. After graduating culinary school she had the opportunity to work at a country club, where she worked her way up to be one of the head chefs. She created a wine dinner experience for people back in 2008 “back before they were cool.” A true innovator ahead of her time.


When asked what her philosophy or approach to cooking was Lizzie answered, “I like to use ingredients and products that are local to us. I believe we are going to be the most healthy if we eat the stuff that comes from our ground and what stomps on it.” Local and sustainable dining is near and dear to her heart.


Chef Lizzie is currently full-time self-employed. At the moment she is sharing her love of food here at Plum’s by teaching cooking classes. Coming soon she will also be launching a monthly Sioux Falls Supper Club dining experience and an elevated seasonal picnic experience, Perfect Picnics! Her hope with Perfect Picnics is to help people get outside and enjoy local, sustainable food. To follow her along on her journey checkout




Q: What dish inspires you the most?

A: I like those classic comfort foods, so I tend to go back to Coq Au Vin, ratatouille, and I can go all the way down to New Orleans and love to make a gumbo, so just those classic cultural dishes.


Q: Which job developed your technical skills?

A: Honestly all of them have led me to where I am today. I would say in terms of my culinary skills, would have been my first one I got out with because you bring all the knowledge of culinary school and then it’s get rid of this, this and this and this is the real world approach, so blending the classic technical aspects of what I learned in school and then real world application.


Q: What are your favorite tools in the kitchen?

A: I love Plum’s Hestan cookware. I’m a fan of a Chinese Chef’s knife. And you can’t go wrong with a salt pig.


Q: Where is your favorite restaurant, does not have to be local and it can be international.

A: I have a lot of favorite restaurants. I would say that Bayona in New Orleans tops my list, partially because I love New Orleans and everything they do for food. And also my college roommate was the Chef de Cuisine there, and the owner there is Susan Spicer, so when I visited I got to run into Mario Batali and have an opportunity to work in the kitchen for his dinner and all the fun things, so definitely Bayona. Here locally, I love what Harvester Kitchen is doing for the community and it knocks my socks off. 

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