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Kathy Grocott

Kathy has been the retail manager here at Plum’s since August 6th, 2021. When asked what her favorite thing to cook was she said, “Risotto – feels very zen…and then you get arancini later.”

Q: What do you use every day in your kitchen from Plum’s?

A: FinaMill & Olivelle olive oil and balsamic

Q: What’s your favorite olive oil or balsamic and how do you use it?

A: Frantoia and Sweet Cream Butter for anything and everything

Q: What’s your favorite memory from working at Plum’s?

A: One crazy Saturday during my first Christmas, we were all new & scrambling, supply chain issues were terrible & I was trying to help an awesome couple pull together items for a charcuterie board and I kept having to say sorry I don’t have that…or that…or that …I finally said “What else can I disappoint you with today?” & we ended up laughing, I got a hug and we found enough to get them started. They came in later in the season and we laughed about it again, I loved that!

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