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Fatemeh Silverberg

Fatemeh Silverberg first got her passion for cooking by watching her mother cook when she was younger. Her mother was Mediterranean and made everything from scratch. She learned many techniques by cooking and baking with her, and she loved to present a beautiful tablescape. Her other culinary influences were Julie Child, Martha Stewart and Ina Gardner. As she grew up this passion continued to grow.


Before opening her bakery and cafe in Sioux Falls, Fatemeh wanted to expand her training. She received intense baking training at Le Cordon Bleu in New York. After her training, she opened up a French bakery and cafe here in Sioux Falls called Rue 41. They served French pastries, Artisan breads, quiches, soups and salads with homemade dressings.


Fatemeh is currently working full time as a counter manager for Clinique at Macy’s. She loves to express her creativity through make up! Along with working full time, Fatemeh teaches classes at Plum’s monthly! Being able to share her food with others allows her to spread love and happiness with her cooking.


Q & A

Q: Do you have a special philosophy or approach when it comes to cooking?

A: My approach to cooking is to cook with love and enjoy the experience.


Q: Which job gave you the most meaningful experience?

A: The most meaningful experience is to see the love and happiness in people’s eyes with my cooking after they taste the food.


Q: What dish inspires you most?

A: Mediterranean cuisine inspires me the most, because they use simple healthy ingredients to make nutritious and delicious meals. For example: herbs, fruits, vegetables, and spices.


Q: What are your favorite tools in the kitchen?

A: The best tools in the kitchen for me are my hands, knives and the food processor. I use my hands to shape things like pie dough or pastries to the desired shape. The knives help me dice and chop ingredients efficiently. I love my food processor to chop things like nuts, grind meats and make simple delicious sauces, like pestos.


Q: Where is your favorite restaurant? (lt does not have to be local, it can be international)

A: I have so many favorite restaurants since I’ve traveled nationally and internationally. I also have many local favorites too. My most unforgettable experiences were in people’s homes in Baccarat, France and Rome in Italy. They are so gracious and hospitable. They treat their guests with such warmth and love.

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