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Cat Swenson

Cat Swenson knows all things Macaroons and Chalkboard here at Plum’s!

A lot of Cat’s culinary experience has come from watching YouTube videos of chefs breaking down their process of how macaroons are made. Along with all the videos, she has read a ton of cookbooks that explain the technical side of making macaroons. 

Growing up Martha Stewart was one of Cat’s culinary influences. She loved the fact that Martha Stewart could do it all, whether that be hosting parties, making tablescapes, or bringing people together over food. The influences that she follows nowadays are chefs and creators on TikTok who walk through their process and prep.

Cat enjoys teaching and attending classes at Plum’s. She is excited to grow her side project with her friends and keep bringing people together over food. 


Q. Do you have a special philosophy of approach when it comes to cooking? 

A. Make enough for everyone – I love bringing people together with food. AND a sweet treat doesn’t hurt. 😉 


Q. How did you develop your technical skills? 

A. A lot of trial and error – especially with something so finicky as macaroons where there are a lot of steps. 


Q. Which job gave you the most meaningful experience? 

A. My friend and I started a side project called Entertaining Ourselves where we host parties with silly themes. We get to spend the entire day cooking, creating tablescapes, and bringing people together over crafted cocktails and multiple courses. It has been a fun way to express what I love with the people close to me. 


Q. What dish inspires you the most? 

A. Korean culture inspires me the most. Korean barbecues and desserts are super cool. I also find a lot of inspiration from Asian desserts. 


Q. What are your favorite tools in the kitchen? 

A. I love any kitchen utensils that are hyper-specific to one thing. For example, a y peeler or anything fun for garnishing. PLUS my kitchen aid mixer is a game changer which initially got me started on making macaroons and bread. 


Q. What is your favorite resteraunt? (it doesn’t have to be local, it can be international)

A. An Israeli restaurant called Safta which is located in Denver, Colorado. I had this lamb ragu hummus and it was fantastic. It was $36 and worth every penny!! Locally, I am a big fan of MB Haskett, Bread & Circus, and Sanaa’s.

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