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Sunrise Flour Mill

Breadmaking is a huge trend that we are seeing in 2024. We are excited to bring more and more classes and products to Plum’s to share this trend with you! Sunrise Flour Mill is the best organic heritage wheat and the highest quality organic grains. Many people find this wheat more digestible than others. Read on to learn more about why we chose to carry this amazing brand at our store. 

The Benefits: 

  • Digestibility: Many people find heritage wheat more digestible 
  • Flavor: Superior flavor compared to conventional wheat
  • Nutritious: Higher nutrient/micronutrient content than conventional wheat
  • Soil Health: The deep root system allows the wheat to reach water deep down
  • Loftier Baking: Achieve loftier baked goods using heritage wheat 
  • Easy to Use: Substitutes one for one in your favorite recipes 


What makes Sunrise Flour Mill unique:

  • Exclusively Heritage: One of the only mills that mills exclusively heritage wheat
  • Organic: Free from chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides
  • Unifine Milling: Renewed 1930s milling technology, making whole wheat nearly as fine as white
  • Small Batch Milling: They mill their products in small batches to ensure quality control
  • Zero Additives: When you use the earth’s best ingredients, there’s no need for man-made additions


Here is what we are bringing to Plum’s for you to start your bread-making journey: 


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