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Setting Culinary New Year’s Resolutions

It’s never too late to set New Year’s Resolutions. There are a few things to remember when setting goals for the new year, especially in the kitchen. Make sure your goals are specific and attainable. Grab a buddy to keep you accountable for your culinary resolution, whether it’s your husband to be your taste-tester or a best friend to explore new cuisine with you!

We asked our Plum’s Cooking Company team members what their culinary New Year’s Resolutions are for 2024.

“Cook more and waste less!” – Kathy Grocott

“My goal for the new year is homemade sourdough. Waiting for the starter has taught me patience so far, and it has been so fun!” – Lizzie Stewart

“Adding more overall color to my food and diet is my 2024 culinary resolution!” – Adyn Heinricy

“Cooking heart-healthy Mediterranean meals using our Olivelle oils and vinegars!” – Sherill Pallotta

“I’m setting my intentions to weekly meal-prep in 2024!” – Chloe Peter

“Mine is to continue to be better and more consistent about meal prepping and also to use less store-bought products! I have started with homemade bread and pizza dough so far.” – Kylie Klusmann

“My 2024 resolution is to start cooking meals from my new COOK BOOK and to learn more about basic kitchen skills. I plan to impress my family and friends in 2024! ;)” – Emily Christensen

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