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Registry Testimonial | The Peter’s

Let’s meet the Peter’s! Chloe is our Marketing Manager here at Plum’s Cooking Company, so it was so fun to celebrate her wedding with our registry program! Chloe and Mason described their experience, “If you are looking for high-quality products to last a lifetime, Plum’s Cooking Company offers everything you need for your kitchen!”

When was your wedding?

September 1, 2023


What is your favorite product you received from your Plum’s registry and how do you use it?

It’s super hard to decide. So I’ll list a few! Mason and I are wine people, so we LOVE our Riedel Performance glasses. The M’Steel wok pan is another favorite, as we love cooking stir fry and Asian cuisine. The prepping process of the wok pan is no joke, but we love it! Popcorn is one of my favorite (Chloe) snacks, so the Whirley Pop Machine is so fun and I cannot wait to use it with my kids someday! 


What is your most used product from your Plum’s registry?

Our most used products are the Nordic Ware baking pans. We bake veggies or potatoes on a sheet pan almost every night! Our GIR spatulas and Tovolo stainless steel mixing bowls are also used in prepping almost daily. 


How did you hear about the Plum’s registry?




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