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Olivelle Wall of Flavor

When it comes to cooking I like to keep things pretty simple, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! One of the easiest ways I have upped my cooking game has been with Olivelle olive oils and balsamic vinegars. If you’ve been into Plum’s, you’ve more than likely tasted some of these delicious oils and balsamics. The first time I tasted them I was obsessed (especially with the Caramelized Garlic), but how was I supposed to use them? 


Don’t worry, we just added in our Olivelle Wall of Flavor! It features different pairings and recipe ideas for some of your favorite oils and balsamics. Use this wall as inspiration to help switch up your weekly meals and elevate your cooking. Imagine spicing up your ramen or fried rice by adding Black Garlic Tamari balsamic vinegar, Black Truffle olive oil, and Black Garlic Shiitake seasoning. Or marinating your steaks in Garlic & Herb olive oil, Dark Balsamic, and Herb & Garlic seasoning. Just a few ingredients can take your cooking all the way to a 10/10.


One of my favorite pairings on the wall is the Fiesta Spice olive oil and the Jalapeño Lime balsamic. Not only does this dynamic duo make my shrimp tacos irresistible, but it also adds a little kick to any boring salad. Some other ways I use the Fiesta Spice is on my eggs in the morning, adding some extra flavor to guacamole, and my favorite is to put it on sweet potatoes :). What makes these oils and balsamics so great is they are completely customizable to your palette and what you like to cook!



Whether you’re a novice in the kitchen or someone who’s just getting started, our Olivelle Wall of Flavor will help you improve your everyday meals. Stop in for a tasting and to explore new flavors today!


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