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Liiton Whiskey Glasses

“Gifts are not merely objects, but an expression of emotions, a piece of one’s heart offered to another” 

Liiton glasses were inspired as an expression of emotion and serve as a meaningful gift to the ones you love. These glasses serve as the beacon of thoughtfulness and quality.

These glasses are designed to chill liquor in just 18 seconds. Simply store whiskey glasses in the freezer, pour, aerate, and enjoy! With the beautifully crafted, functional, heavy glass bottom mountain design, it creates the perfect sipping experience.

Liiton glasses are made of premium quality, high-quality crystal glass that is thick enough for any cocktail. The heavy glass is unbreakable making it ideal for your next gathering.

The heavy base gives the possibility to use the glasses for various occasions and drinks. Use them for your favorite cocktail mix, mixed drinks, liqueur, cognac, vodka, tequila, gin, and even juice.

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