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6 Tips & Tricks to Building your Wedding Registry

Congratulations on your engagement, you now have a million things to get done before the big day! Okay not really, but the task of planning a wedding is quite overwhelming. We can’t answer any of these hard-hitting questions, but we can help you with one aspect and that is your wedding registry. You will use these products every day for the rest of your life, so you want to make sure you choose what’s right for you and your partner. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you put together a perfect registry.


1.It’s never too early to register.

After getting engaged, consider putting “bridal registry” at the top of your to-do list and get it done first. If you haven’t yet, don’t panic. Start by putting together a bare minimum registry. At least getting the bare minimum onto a registry will give your more punctual guests options when the save-the-dates go out. The earlier you register the more your guests will have to choose from, and it’s one thing you can cross off your list early on.


2. You’re in this together!

You are about to build a life with your partner, so why not build your registry the same way? Both you and your significant other should be excited about what’s going on in your registry. Find products that excite you both. Also, make sure you are registering places where they guide you through the process. Sometimes picking out what you actually need versus what you can skip can be difficult, so having some guidance helps the process go off without a hitch.


3. Upgrade pre-marriage pieces.

You know that half-melted spatula you use to make your eggs in the morning and those hand-me-down mismatched plates you’ve had since college? Get rid of them. It is time to upgrade those pre-marriage pieces for something new. This is your opportunity to throw out anything you don’t love and start over fresh. These items will be with you throughout your life together, so trade in the something old for well-made long-lasting items.


4. Go for heirloom pieces.

We are going for quality over quantity when it comes to our registry items. High-quality pieces are going to withstand the test of time and be with you for the rest of your lives. When you register, keep in mind that these items should score in both quality and style, so maybe don’t get that hot pink dutch oven. Think about the longevity of your choices, this is not the time to impulse buy. You will thank yourself when you still have these products years later.


5. Break the rules.

Just because your mother or mother-in-law says you have to register for something doesn’t mean you have to. If you aren’t into formal dining then maybe forgo the classic wedding china. Opt for pieces that will fit into your everyday lifestyle and not just sit in a china cabinet to collect dust. These items should reflect who you are as a couple. Whatever you choose is up to you and your partner, so forget the norm and do what’s best for you.


6. Don’t forget about your experiences!

Just because you get married doesn’t mean you should stop dating your spouse. Registering for experiences is a great way to elevate your date nights! Whether you put a vacation fund on your registry or even gift cards, your guests will love to give you an experience over material things. Receiving gifts such as these allows you to continue your celebration and gives you something to look forward to. Our cooking class gift cards are the perfect registry add-on and make the perfect date night post-wedding. Date night here you come!


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