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Plum’s Cooking Company Kitchen New Year’s Resolution

The new year brings us new ideas and new possibilities. One of our BIG plans is to bring more hands-on cooking classes to 2024! Who doesn’t love a hands-on experience? Some of our favorite hands-on classes have been pasta, pie, bread, sushi and charcuterie.

Here is what to expect when signing up for a hands-on cooking class: 

1. They are a higher price point class, but worth every penny!

2. Hands-On classes are the first ones to sell out, but worry we have a few tricks.

*Make sure you sign up for our text and emails to get that first opportunity to book. Our text and email links are below.

3. An intimate setting of 10 to 12 people is what you can expect in those hands-on experiences. You get that one-on-one time with the instructors and more laughs with your neighbors.

Here are some reasons to try a hands-on class in 2024:

> Enhance cooking skills and learn new techniques

> Quality time with family or friends

> Increase confidence in the kitchen

> Cooking improves overall creativity


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Don’t worry, there’ll be more to share in 2024. Stay tuned for all our big ideas through social media and our email sign-up. Lots is coming in 2024 and we have never been more excited than before!

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