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Do You Know Your Salts?

Salt, one of life’s essential minerals, has been processed for at least 8,000 years. Used for food preservation and food seasoning, it became a highly-valued trade commodity.  Three of the most common salts are Kosher, Crystalline Sea Salt, and  Fleur de Sel.

Kosher salt is our go-to salt as it not only dissolves quickly but the flavor disperses rapidly. It is coarse and it’s easy to “pinch” the perfect amount.  This salt is ideal for everyday use in cooking and baking.

Crystalline Sea Salt is very pungent and used as a finishing salt.  Examples of this salt are Pink Hawaiian, Pink Himalayan and Blue Persian Salt from Iran.  The minerals left behind bring not only color but subtle flavor to the otherwise bright and clean taste.

Fleur de Sel (flower of salt in French) is a thin, delicate salt that forms as a crust on salt water as it evaporates which then requires hand harvesting.  It is not used for cooking, but rather as a finishing salt for eggs, meat, fish, fruits, chocolates and caramels.  Fleur de Sel is sometimes referred to as the king or caviar of salts.

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