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Tea Lover’s Gift Basket

$70.45 + tax

People who drink tea love to try new varieties. And they insist on the finest ingredients and tools for their beverage of choice, like the high-quality Republic of Tea selections and the Zwilling Double Wall Tea Glasses.

Basket Includes
  • 2 Zwilling Double Wall Tea Glasses, which keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. Made from high quality, durable borosilicate glass. Microwave- and dishwasher-safe.
  • The Republic of Tea Strawberry Basil Iced Green Tea Pouches (brews 8 1 qt. pitchers)
  • The Republic of Tea Daily Green Tea bags (brews 50 cups)
  • The Republic of Tea Cucumber Mint White Tea bags (brews 50 cups)
  • Tovolo Tea Infuser (stand up base)
  • Black Tin Basket
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