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Advanced Hands-On Sushi

Instructor: Madeline Porter

Date: Saturday, Jun 24, 11 am - 2 pm

$130 + tax

This advanced sushi-making class will master the art of rinsing, soaking, cooking, and mixing sushi rice with vinegar to achieve the perfect texture and flavor. Moreover, you will learn how to create dipping sauces, make tamago omelet fillings and assemble different types of sushi rolls. It’s an excellent opportunity for sushi enthusiasts to refine their skills and learn new techniques for making delicious and authentic sushi!


Essential Sushi Components | Sushi Rice, Sushi Vinegar, Soy Dipping Sauce, Sweet Tamgo Omelet Fillings and Spicy Mayo
Inside-Out Rolls
Thin Rolls
Temaki Rolls

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