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Arelis Hernandez

Meet Arelis! She has been apart of the Plum’s team since the beginning of September 2023. Her role is Assistant Manager and Registry Coordinator. She does everything from working on the floor with customers, working classes, and running the bridal registry. Arelis has been eager to learn more and loves being apart of the Plum’s team.


Q. Favorite memory or part about working at Plum’s?

A. My favorite part about working at Plum’s is getting to make an impact on so many lives in so many ways. Working classes, helping clients with their wedding registry and even just finding the right thing for someone when they come in! All of it is very rewarding.


Q. What do you use every day in your kitchen from Plum’s?

A. I use my Cangshan Haku 6″ Chef’s Knife everyday in my kitchen! This has been my new favorite knife since the day I opened it!


Q. What is your favorite thing to cook?

A. My absolute favorite thing to cook is anything with potatoes. Every year for the holidays, I’m in charge of the mashed potatoes!


Q. What’s your favorite olive oil or balsamic and how do you use it?

A. My favorite olive oil is our Sicilian Lemon & I use it with all of my proteins in the kitchen! My family especially loves it when I saute chicken breast in it before adding it to Alfredo!

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